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2 litre Tanning Solutions, premium grade solution

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8% DHA - Light shade tan. Ideal for fair / pale skin types. Adds anhealthy, subtle tan

10% DHA - Medium / standard shade. Not too dark, but realistic looking

12% DHA - Extra dark tan. Now as popular as the 10%. For those a little more adventurous

16% DHA - Ultra dark tan

• Applies evenly with no streaking, yellowing, or "oranging"

• Contains the highest quality pharmaceutical grade of DHA (dihydroxyacetone)

• Uses advanced penetrating agents enabling the solution to absorb rapidly, helping to produce a uniform, streak free, long life tan

• pH balanced for optimal colour development

• Hydrates and moisturises the skin counteracting the drying effect of DHA

• Contains a natural coloured bronzer that makes it easy to see where you've already applied solution

• Has a pleasant, subtle, tropical coconut smell

• Dries in minutes

• Produces a non-clouding mist

• Contains no oil or alcohol

• Fades gradually and naturally

• Has a long shelf life